26 Jul 2015

Terms 1

26 Jul 2015


By commissioning Dig Fieldcraft Limited you agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions.

1 General terms for all work undertaken:

a) Unless otherwise stated quotes provided exclude VAT. Whilst we endeavour to provide accurate quotations we cannot guarantee the accuracy of costs quoted before a project is commissioned. Costs will be agreed formally in writing upon commission of a project.

b) Unless otherwise agreed invoices are to be paid within 30 days of receipt. In the event monies are required in advance this will be confirmed with the client in writing upon commission of the project. Any dispute over an invoice must be raised within 2 weeks of receipt.

2 Recruitment specific terms:

a) All recruitment undertaken by Dig Fieldcraft Limited is conducted in adherence with the MRS Code of Conduct as published here

b) By commissioning Dig Fieldcraft Limited all members of the commissioning organization working on the project agree to adhere to the MRS Code of Conduct.

c) Unless otherwise agreed in writing the client shall be responsible for paying for all venue costs and supplying incentives directly to respondents.

d) Dig Fieldcraft Limited can accept no responsibility for late or non-arrival of research participants due to any outside factor beyond our control including traffic and transport issues, weather problems or acts of terrorism.

e) In the event of a project being cancelled by the client after it has been commissioned the client shall be liable for proportionate recruitment fees according to the number of participants that have been recruited at the time of cancellation.

f) In the event of a research event date being changed/rescheduled after commission of a project, Dig Fieldcraft Limited will endeavour to reschedule participants at no extra cost. In the event a previously recruited participant cannot attend a revised research date, the Client shall be liable for proportionate recruitment fees for all recruits that cannot attend.

g) In the event of dissatisfaction with our recruitment services the maximum for which Dig Fieldcraft Limited can be held financially liable is the quoted recruitment fees. We cannot accept any liability for any other costs including venues and incentives in the event of a dispute.

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